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Unboxing the Apple Mask



Unboxing the Official Apple Mask (crazy times)

This here is the official apple mask. This is the reusable face mask in medium large for more information.

Definitely an item number and a lot number and production date so just like everything else, apple tremendously, detailed stuff over here and an unboxing experience that looks like it’s kind of beyond what you would expect for a reusable face mask even on the Back designed by apple in california, assembled in china, you’ve got to get that in there on every single apple product.

This has to be one of the most unusual apple unboxing videos. I’ve ever done, so we pop into it – and first thing we see is an – is a little attachment, a little adapter actually to hold the mask on at the back of the head.


You don’t, see this on your typical, cheap mask. I actually have some of those here as well for comparison this little piece. How do i even? How does that come out of there? So there’s, two of these little guys – and this is gonna – go on the back side of the mask to hold it on more securely than, i suppose, just using your ears.


Or do you even use your ears at all? This is the packaging for the mask now. Each one of these boxes, which an employee would receive, would actually include what looks like five of these masks, and they are not one time use.


In fact, there’s. Some some rules around how frequently these would be used for an apple employee. Each mask is capable of being worn five times for up to eight hours each time, so it’s supposed to be washed once every eight hours.


If you’re, a part-time apple employee, you wouldn’t have to wash it every single shift. If you were a full-time apple employee, you would wash it after every single shift. Five times would be the maximum for usage, so it is disposable.


The Apple mask is reusable and disposable. It’s reusable to a point, and i guess that just keeps it just makes sure that the that the quality is still there, that the functionality is still there without breaking down.


If you go ahead and wash it more than that, where do i there’s a little line here? I see look of course, apple packaging here apple claims, and i read this on the original report that this they believe this is a superior mask for daily wear compared to the cheapo kind of surgical mask and it definitely i mean it looks cool that’s for sure, so it has what looks to be an option here.


I believe i could just hook this around my ears or and then i could hook this piece at the back side. Let’s, see this part folds up this part folds down. Oh wow, all right! Let me try this out here, and this is going to go around the ears and i guess there’s.


Apple Mask

Official Apple Mask


A pinch point here. Okay, so, as you can tell, i mean that’s, a different fit than what you get out of a typical surgical mask it. It’s, much more structured. In fact, so i’m, going to pull one of these out for comparison, real quick.


So you can see this is just a relatively flimsy sheet, whereas this one has well, it has three pieces to it. There’s. The center piece here and then there’s, a piece that reaches under my chin. Of course the beard is not ideal, but it reaches under the chin and then a separate piece which comes up and extends over the nose.


And then you have this pinch point at the top here. It feels uh. It feels very secure. As far as breathing is concerned, i’d, say it’s fairly comparable to this, but i definitely feel more sealed off than a standard surgical mask now, of course, you can also take this piece here and hook it onto the back Side of this loop, the strap, is actually quite elastic.


This these ear pieces, unlike these, which are uh well, they’re elastic too, but sometimes you’re, a little concerned about the connection point here that it could rip off. I’ve yanked that a few of these, and then this pops off this feels like it can deal with more tension.


If you really want to pull it tight and that’s, sort of what i have there now that’s like it’s like wearing a hat or something it feels it’s not going anywhere. It’s on there. It certainly gives you a far more secure fit on the mask.


So this is what every apple employee is going to be wearing it’s. What they’re going to have so yeah i mean it does seem like an improved mask uh. It’s kind of cool to see a design team. Look at a product that’s, not typical for them.


Obviously, apple is more likely to be looking at phone designs and other gadgets and electronics that you may perceive as being more complex, but it is interesting to see apple’s. Take on the typical disposable, although semi-reusable mask when you compare it to the standard which we see absolutely everywhere now, if i go ahead and just put this unit on so now, i’m, getting way more air into this one compared to the apple And even if you listen to me talking it’s, far less muffled.


I think this thing is much more serious and look it even sort of maintains its structure. Once you’ve, taken it off uh, i can actually breathe a little bit easier in this one, but it’s likely because it’s, not making a tight seal here.


Part of that is my beard, but it’s, also the fit of the mask it’s, just nowhere near as tight as the official apple mask so have they improved it uh. I would say so. I say that this thing is an improvement over this.


However, if you were to purchase this, if apple was to sell this, you would have to assume it would be far more expensive than this 20 bucks, for, like 50 of these apple, would have to sell that one for more, presumably if they did sell it.


It’s, a filter, it’s, definitely a filter and it’s. Thicker and you know people out there. They they’ve posted tests of attempting to blow through different mask material to like blow out a lighter or a candle or something this one.


I mean it’s just based on my initial exposure here, but this one, not nothing. There is no there’s zero air getting through that, so they don’t really share exactly what the capability of this filter is like in 3m terms, n95 or something like that, but based on my impression here this is a this.


Is a pretty substantial filter all right, so the last piece we want to take a look at over here is the clear mask, which is the other option for apple employees and, of course, theirs. Wouldn’t ship like this.


This is from the company directly supplying apple. It’s, a totally different thing altogether. Apparently it’s, anti-fog fluid resistant, improved comfort and breathability. Now this is a much different approach than the style that comes from over the head and wraps around, which leaves a lot of gap under your chin.


This one aims to actually seal a little bit under the chin there, that’s. What we’re doing, have i got this correct right now. These things are wild, that is, that’s, futuristic looking so i could tighten this up to improve this seal around the bottom and that actually does a pretty good job of that.



I’m, probably more partial, to this style of apple mask uh. I can you can feel the moisture inside of here, but these things are important, at least in the sense of no, i feel like my voice is muffled quite a bit in this, but the voice being muffled is not a big deal or i should say it’s a trade-off, because the importance of these masks is for communication and interaction with people who rely on lip reading.


This isn’t going to help you if every employee in the store is wearing this one there’s. No lips available for communication for those that require it, and this is going to allow for that. So presumably there will be some mix of these styles of masks inside of the apple store.


I don’t know if it’s, an option for each employee to choose or if some are designated to wear this style and others this style. But these apparently are the two masks that are going to be popping up that you’re, going to see in the apple store.


They will be the official apple mask. So what can i say? Is it an improved design yeah? I think so. I don’t know how feasible it is at scale if some other company wanted to go out and attempt to bring this a similar design to this to the market, to sell to people in giant boxes.


I don’t know how feasible that is, but this is uh. For me, this is an improvement. Oh i, don’t have glasses here, but will just told me. The other advantage here is that it will not fog up glasses. If you’re wearing glasses because of the tight seal here in the the construction, i have sunglasses, okay, fine! I guess that would work check me out.


I can still fog these up yeah, no problem. Maybe i got to go tighter. Let’s, see that’s. What they say hold up. I can go tighter, fixed yep. If you do the nose seal, nice and tight, you can stop. You can stop some of the fog from coming up so anyway, there it is.


It’s. The official apple mask never thought i’d, see the day, but it it just seems to be the way it is in 2020 and and, as i mentioned, the most interesting part for me is the idea of a company at the scale of apple With the design team, that apple has to just see their different approach to a product that’s ubiquitous.


We think we can do something different. We think we can do something better for our employees and they quickly whip something like this up. I think that’s, pretty cool it’s been a long time since you had to go here.


The Apple mask are on the site. They’re available for pre-order.

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Cell Phones

Amazing iPhone 11 Pro Max (Midnight Green)



The brand new iPhone 11 Pro max in midnight green, nice and early super safe style. It comes up for that would be appreciated. Now, if you’re interested in the regular iPhone 11, if you have those as well that video is gonna, be going live straight after this one.

So if you want to make sure that you see that first and don’t miss, it then be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell icon, but let’s, get straight to the unboxing. This video is sponsored by tech. 21, get 10 percent of all cases, using the special link in the description below right.

So first up, the box is actually quite different. What we’ve had traditionally it’s, actually in all black, with a picture of the iPhone. I quite like the stealthy looker. Traditionally it has been white plastic off and look at that.

This is, of course, the midnight green version. This is the one that most people wanted to see, but we also have a Space Gray, a gold as well as a silver. I’ve covered those colors in my hands-on video, which I’ll, be linking in the cards in the description.

Okay, I got ta say I do like this matte finish. We’ll, come back to that later. Let’s, have a look at what else we get inside the box. So first up there is some people work, some white Apple stickers.

I really wish Apple – would have color coded stickers. So you know like midnight green Apple stickers, because we & # 39. Ve got the midnight green iPhone, but hey, maybe someday. We’ll. Have that there’s.

Also a SIM card ejector tool. We’ve, got some ear. Pods, these are lightning ear, pods and then we & # 39. Ve got some things that are a little bit different to what we’ve traditionally had. Firstly, we & # 39.

Ve got a lightning to USB type-c cable. Traditionally, we’ve had a lightning to USB type, a cable, and there was a lot of people who are saying that oh the new iPhones are gonna have USB type-c, and I was like no, that’s, not gonna happen.

It’s, gonna be on the other side, not the lightning connector. I mean there’s, lots of accessories that currently still supports lightning and it looks like Apple – was gonna be holding on today, just a little bit longer.

It also makes a lot of money for Apple as well, of course, but another reason why we’ve got lightning to USB type-c is because, finally, finally, we have a fast charger included out of the box. I mean this is something that I’ve personally, been complaining about for such a long time that we should have had a fast charger included since the iPhone that 10 was released, and you know having to go and by a fast charger when you’re already spending quite a decent amount on your iPhone is not great.

So I’m glad that Apple has won. Me now decided to include an 18 watt fast charger with the iPhone 11 Pro, as well as the iPhone 11 Pro max. Of course, we still do have wireless charging supported that’s around 7.

5 watts, so it’s, the same speed as what we had last year. Let’s, get to the phone now. What’s interesting? Is that usually we have plastic that colors both the back and the front of the device, but this time it is only at the front, so screen pretty rough and he just fell on the table.

What a fail! Now let’s start by looking at the display. At first glance, it does look very similar to what we’ve got on the iPhone in there 10 s max, which I do have here. I should seriously work for blue pizza, but anyway, so we & # 39.

Ve got the small bezel strip all around along with that notch. So Apple haven’t gone for a completely bezel s design this year. It’s, something that we might see next year, but I really didn’t expect Apple to go with a pop-up or something like that.

So what we’ve seen right now are a punch out, so they have stuck with the notch here. Having said that, this is still a very, very good display. This has been improved compared to last year and it’s. What Apple are calling a super Retina XDR display now? The reason for that is that it’s brighter it’s up to 800 nits or if you’re watching HDR content, because HDR 10 is supported.

You can get up to 1200 nits of brightness. It’s based on OLED technology, so colors are very, very vibrant. We’ve, got very deep blacks. With the contrast ratio of 2 million to 1, you & # 39. Ve got around a 458 PPI pixel density, so details also very very sharp, but this year there is no 3d touch, so Apple had removed the 3d touch layer.

For me personally, I don’t. Think it’s, going to be that much of a big deal because you can still access some of the 3d touch features or give you some haptic feedback when you press and hold on certain items.

One area where I use it the most is on the keyboard to move my cursor around, and this is something that you can still do by pressing and holding on at the spacebar. It’s, something that I got quite used to using the iPhone 10 or so it’s, not going to be a huge deal for me personally, it might be for you now let’s, move over onto the back And look at the design, so it does look quite different compared to last year here at the back.

So let me just bring in my iphone tennis max here. So there’s, a few things that you’ll notice right away. Of course, we have a very different camera module. The Apple logo has also moved into the center on the iPhone 11 and we no longer have the iPhone logo here towards the bottom like we had previously, because we are here in the UK.

Unfortunately, we still do have some of these labels, although they are a lot more faint on the new iPhone which I do like, and the other big thing that you’ll notice is that we & # 39. Ve got a glossy glass back on the iPhone at tennis max on the 11pro max we’ve got this matte finish, which I really do like.

So this isn’t going to attract as many fingerprints as the glossy back on the iPhone 10s max. However, we do have a glossy elements for the camera module now. This is actually still one piece of glass here at the back, so it’s not like this.

Glossy piece of glass has been stuck on or anything it is still part of the same glass. Making it durable and Apple are saying that the glass on the iPhone 11 is the toughest glass on any smart phone right now now.

This is something that I’m personally, not going to be testing, because I don’t do durability. Tests, but I’m sure my buddies Zach from jerry-rig everything is gonna, be doing some durability tests and we’ll, see how tough this glass actually is now for the frame we do have a stainless steel frame like we had In previous years we have an aluminium or aluminum frame on the iPhone 11 regular, and there is ip68 water and dust resistance.

However, this has been improved compared to last year and now you can dip this in water up to four meters compared to two meters that still comes under ip68. Apparently so maybe we can call it IP 68. 0.

5. I don’t know, but that is good to see that we & # 39. Ve got these improvements. Now let’s. Talk about the cameras. This is something that I’m, most excited about the camera module design. I wasn’t too keen on when I saw all of the elite renders, but in person it is growing on me a little bit it’s.

Still not my preferred layouts, but I’m sure there’s, some functional reasons why Apple has gone for this and we for the first time on an iPhone, had a triple camera setup. This is something that I was really hoping for, and I’m excited that we & # 39.

Ve got this camera set up here. All three of these are 12 megapixels, and let’s break these down. There is a primary camera which is going to be use forward of your main shots. This has optical image stabilization with an F 1.

8 aperture. Then there is a telephoto camera which is going to give you 2 times optical zoom. Now we also had a telephoto camera. Last year, but the difference this year is that we & # 39. Ve got a wider aperture.

It’s, an F 2.0 aperture compared to the F 2.4 that we had last year that’s gonna let in a lot more light. This also has optical image stabilization and it’s. Gon na be used for your portrait, shots, which I really liked on the iPhone a 10s Mac.

So I can’t, wait to test these out and then we & # 39. Ve got something that I’m most excited about, and that is the ultra wide. This has an F, 2.4 aperture and has 120 degree angle of view. Ultra wide cameras are something that I think all smartphones should have now and they allow you to get so much more into your shot.

They let you get some very, very interesting resource and I simply cannot wait to test out all of these cameras. Definitely let me know in the comments below with supersets our camera comparison. You’d, like you to do versus the iPhone 11 Pro Max and make sure you have subscribed and hit that bad icon.

So as soon as it’s live you don’t, miss it, and I’ll put the cameras. We also have some new features. We now have a dedicated night mode. This is something that we’ve. Seen lots of others do previously and it’s where you have multiple exposures to give you better low-light images once again, something that I’m, really looking forward to testing and then the other thing that we’ve got.

Is improvements in video? We’ve got up to 4k 60 frames, a second on all of these cameras and what’s even more impressive? Is that we & # 39. Ve got extended, dynamic range on all of these cameras as well.

Up to 60 frames a second now you guys may have heard me say before that. Personally, when it comes to recording video on a smartphone, I think the iPhones have the best quality hands-down. The dynamic range is so so good and everything just really works.

Well, now that we & # 39, ve got extending dynamic range up to 4k 60 frames. A second I’m, just like you can tell. I’m, just very very excited to try these out now. Some of the camera features that didn’t get too much attention at the keynotes are, firstly, photo captures outside the frame, so this is switched off by default, but you can turn it on and what that’s.

Gon na do is when you take a shot from the main camera it’s. Also gonna take a shot from the ultra wide, and this is gonna. Allow you to reframe your shot after the act now, as you can imagine, that can potentially mean very, very useful and you & # 39.

Ve also got audio zoom. So if you’re, recording video and you zoom in then it’s. Gon na make that sound, clearer. It’s, something that we did see on at the note 10 of the note 10 plus. So we’ll, see how it compares now.

Let’s talk a little bit about the front-facing camera, which is also being improved. This time we have a 12 megapixels, so we & # 39. Ve got a high resolution with an F 2.2 aperture and that high resolution firstly means that you’re gonna be able to get 4k up to 60 frames, a second from the front-facing camera as well.

So if you’re, somebody who likes to vlog, then I’m sure this is gonna, be great great news and then we & # 39. Ve got a slightly wider front-facing camera as well. So if you are the front-facing camera, if you tilt the phone to landscape mode, it’s, gonna automatically go wider and that’s.

Gon na be shooting at 12 megapixels. Otherwise it’s. Gonna be sticking to around 7 megapixels. I quite like this. This is something that we’ve also got on the Galaxy devices from Samsung, because you don’t, always want a super wide shot.

If you’re, just taking a shot of yourself, you don’t want it to go super wide and make things look a little bit distorted. But if you & # 39, ve got a group shot. Then it’s. Nice to switch to that white camera, you can also manually switch between these two, depending on your preference.

I’m, definitely glad that Apple now have this. I will, of course, be testing this out a lot more. There is also slow motion from the front-facing camera, which Apple are calling slow fees. I’m sure they’re gonna be useful to some people.

I personally don’t, see myself using them. I don’t wan na be negative about it, because I know there’s. Gon na be some people out there who maybe have really long hair and want to do some funky things I’m, not gonna I mean.

Maybe I could like get a blow dryer and you know just have my beard go or cut? No, not gonna do it now within the knot shear as well. We do have an improved face ID sensor, so this is supposed to be around 30 %.

That’s, where I believe, and it’s, also supposed to work from more angles. It’s, not working from this fly angle. Here I still have to tilt it up slightly. I’ll. Compare it to the iPhone tennis max, but it does seem to be improved slightly yeah I mean, like I’m, only tilting it slightly and it’s already working.

So I’m not having to like kind of face it completely, so that has also been improved. We’ve got an ear piece here which acts as one of the two stereo speakers. The other one is here at the bottom, so we do have stereo speakers, but these have been improved.

So we & # 39. Ve got spatial audio this time with support for Dolby Atmos. So if you’re watching content on here a lot, then this is gonna. Give you more of an immersive experience as well as that on the bottom.

We do have the Lightning port. On the right hand, side there is a power button with a SIM card tray, so you do have space here for one SIM card, but you can get your sims using an e sim and on the left hand, side.

We have the volume buttons as well as the mute, switch nothing at the top. Now let’s. Talk about the internals a little bit. We do have, of course, the brand new latest and greatest apple, a 13 Bionic chip.

This is up to 20 % faster compared to the a12 and consumes up to 30 % less power, and when it comes to graphics, the GPU is also up to 20 % faster, but it’s up to 40 % more power efficient. So this should give you better battery life and Apple are claiming that you can get up to 5 hours more on this compared to the iPhone 10’s max now, of course, usage varies.

I’m, not sure of the exact size of the battery in here. The iPhone 11 pro max is also a little bit heavier compared to the previous iPhone. So I’m, assuming it is a larger battery size as well. But of course, I’ll, be testing this out in the long term, and I’ll, be giving you my thoughts on the battery life a little bit later on as well.

When it comes to the a13, I’m. Confident that it’s, gonna be one of the fastest chipsets out there Apple are claiming that it’s, the most powerful chipset in any smartphone right now for software we do have iOS 13 out of the box.

There’s, a few features that I really do like on it. One of my favorites is definitely dark mode, so you can switch to dark mode on here and that’s, gonna invert. Everything and make things a lot easier on the eyes.

I can definitely see myself using this there’s. Lots of other features as well, which we’ll, cover a little bit more in the full review now in terms of pricing and storage sizes. This still starts at 64 gigabytes.

Now, of course, it would have been better if it started at somewhere around 128 gigs, because I still think 64 gigs it’s, not enough for people these days, especially considering all of the 4k capabilities of this smartphone.

It would have been nice to have seen a larger base model, so we & # 39. Ve got the 64 to 5/6 and 512 gigabyte versions, and they are priced a little bit higher compared to what we had last year in the u.

s.. They are the same price as what we had on the iPhone 10s max and it seems like that is because of how bad the pound, the British Pound, has been hit because of all this brexit mess. So it’s, something that I guess was kind of expected.

However, you are gonna be paying a decent amount for these new iPhones. If you do go for the 512 gigabyte version, you’re looking at around 1,500 pounds, so that is the icon. 11 Pro max unboxing and detail.

First, look: what do you guys? Think of it and what content would you like me to do with this? Going forward? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts in terms of my first impressions.

The design has grown on me. I have to say – and I’m – very – very excited to test out those cameras. I am really looking forward to seeing how these will compare to some of the others out there. But of course, there’s.

Gonna be lots more content coming up on here with the iPhone 11 Pro max, as well as the other iPhones. If you want to see all of that, first then make sure you have subscribed.

iPhone 11 Pro Max UNBOXING


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