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Top 10 Devices For A Smart Home



1. Smart Robot Cleaner

Smart Robot Cleaner


Would you like to have your personal robot cleaners at your smart home? Let’s have a look at one of robot vacuum cleaners: iRobot Rumba. There are models adjusted for cleaning all types of flooring. These cleaners can detect and navigate obstacles, develop and remember the map of the house, work on a pre-set schedule. They control their charge lever and return to their base when necessary.
In addition, any iRobot vacuum cleaner looks nice and funny. It will turn boring and routine procedure of cleaning into a real show, especially if you have pets.


2. Smart thermostat

Smart thermostat


A smart self-learning thermostat will adjust your home heating system to your needs. This type of gadget is one of the most practical for household use.
For instance, Nest Thermostat may turn on heating (or air conditioner) when you are on your way home. And when you are leaving, you don’t have to worry about switching you heating system off: it will be done automatically. For comfort conditions thermostat can take into account the season, the weather outside and humidity level. It uses motion detector or pre-set schedule to turn on/off your electrical appliances when necessary. The device can also develop its own rules according to your habits.

3. Smart Air purifier

Smart Air purifier


A smart air purifier is one more popular part of a modern domestic conditioning system. These devices remove contaminants like dust, mold spores and pet dander from the air. Another option of air purifiers is to maintain appropriate humidity. Some of them have an aroma diffusion function and can remove bad odors like tobacco smoke. That’s why they are especially recommended for asthmatics and allergic people.
Ecomgear, the air purifier on the photo above, is a portable version which helps you clean the air and control the micro-climate of your home and can be easily transported. You can use the same device at home, in your office and even inside your car.


4. Smart alarm



Do you have troubles waking up in the morning? There is a technological solution for sleepyheads: Clocky, a tricky «smart» alarm. This is a clock which combines traditional beeping with running away and hiding somewhere in the dark corner. And it won’t stop beeping until you find it and switch it off manually.
Clocky provides quite an effective way to lure you off bed. Using it you’ll never oversleep again. It may be a very useful device, but with all that beeping and hiding there is a good chance it won’t live long.


5. Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs


What about a regular light bulb? Does it need to be smarter than it usually is? It appears smart light bulbs are very convenient. You can switch them on/off or change their brightness remotely.
And, besides, there are light bulbs like Philips’ Hue lights, which are color-changing and can be synced up with apps on your mobile. For example, they may flash when you receive a message. Or you can connect a couple of light bulbs to a musical app to arrange a light show.


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6. Smart faucets

Smart faucets


Smart faucets are relatively cheap and convenient. That’s why they are among the most popular digital gadgets. They are comfortable for kids, the elderly and the disabled.
Smart faucets are hygienic and contamination free: you don’t have to touch the faucet valves (typically they don’t have any). That makes them especially popular for public places. At the same time the technology is environment friendly: it will help you save water and energy.

7. Smart Path lights

Smart Path lights


Solar-powered path lights are one more convenient eco-solution for your home. These lights are charging by energy of the sun during the day and illuminate your garden at night. They do not require electric wiring. They are cheap, effective and well-designed.
Path lights of this sort don’t require professional installation services: they should just be fixed somehow and can be easily removed and replaced. You don’t have to worry about switching them on/off: it will be done automatically. And they are safe: you can easily leave them on for a while.


8. Smart shower

Smart shower


If you want to save money and to protect environment at the same time, take a look at Amphiro A1: a self-powered shower meter. It will help you check the temperature/volume of water used and rate the energy efficiency class of the smart shower. The energy consumption can be displayed in watt-hours or kilowatt-hours. Amphiro A1 activates automatically when water starts flowing and stops when it is turned off. All the data is shown immediately on a small screen.
The shower meter doesn’t need electricity to run: it gets charged from the energy, generated by the water flow. This is a good example of a really smart gadget: it is simple, effective, and doesn’t require any additional appliances or resources.


9. Smart lock

Smart Lock


Digital lock (or smart lock) is a sufficient part of a security system of a modern home. As a traditional deadbolt it will lock/unlock a door. But it can also let you check who is entering and living your place and to manage access when you are not around. The «smartest» locks can even send limited temporary keys to your visitors or service workers by e-mail.
Normally, for a digital lock you can program particular rules for day/night/vacation. In case you are worry about losing control during a power outrage, you can pick a lock like Kwikset’s Kevo, running on batteries. Smart lock batteries last between six months to a year, and the app on your smartphone lets you know when they need replacing.

10. Home automation system

Home automation system


The robot age is coming, indeed. The number and variety of smart home products is rapidly growing. Say, Homey – one of central room/home automation systems. This home automation system ensures you never lose control over your gadgets.
This central hub enables you to connect and manage all your devices and appliances via the app or voice commands. It provides control of lighting, heating, air conditioning, humidity and security service. The remote monitoring of any sort of «smart» digital appliances can be added as well.


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Video Game Consoles

Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing



Nintendo Switch Lite

[affiliate_video_pro id=”vi15dd986cfa78b5″]

Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing

As many of you have probably heard, the Nintendo Switch Lite has been seeing some early releases across the world and we just so happen to get lucky enough to get our hands on one of them. So we’re gonna go ahead and unbox the turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite.

Now as you can see here, the box is a good bit smaller than the regular Nintendo Switch box. Normally you can’t hold one of those in a single hand. A large part of that isn’t so much that the Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller, but because it has a lot less parts. The regular Switch box has to have the dock, the controller bits, there’s a lot more going on, whereas the Switch Lite is Lite.

So there’s a little less presentation on this one I think, compared to the regular Switch. The regular Switch has just kind of slots and placement for everything, whereas this is right off the bat.

The Switch Lite, let’s go ahead and grab that. And then real quick, before we go into the in-depths of that, beneath it we do have everything else this comes with including the AC adapter and paperwork, which we’re not gonna deal with that right now. And here we have it. Okay, so I gotta say right off the bat, I know we should probably talk about the actual Switch itself real quick, but first, the color ’cause the turquoise actually looks quite a bit different from what I anticipated. It’s still definitely
turquoise, but it shifts a little more green than I expected.

It’s still definitely more so blue, but there’s just a little bit more of a green to it that works really well with the white trim. The white buttons, the white sticks, the shoulders. Looks really nice! Especially ’cause it matches that logo on the back.

Oh wow, this is somehow simultaneously bigger and smaller than I imagined, if that makes sense. Like just actually having it in my hand and how much I’ve been playing my Switch lately, this feels smaller for sure, but the screen doesn’t look quite as tiny as I expected it too. I mean, it is definitely not the same size as a regular Switch, and actually, I have my new Switch right here.


So let’s go ahead and kind of grab that real quick. So when you see them
side-by-side like this, you can definitely see the difference. I mean, it is smaller all around, but I really like the fact
that it is just one solid unit. This is kind of a weird
very specific complaint, but when I’ve used the regular Switch in a handheld mode without any kind of grip or any kind of special
casing or anything like that, I never really liked the feeling of where the Joy-Cons attach. You just have that line
there that always felt a little weird to me and I
understand why it’s there. It makes sense, it’s still all for good, but having one unit that’s
just a single piece, you can just feel the
difference right away. Especially with just how
solid the whole thing feels. The weight’s way more evenly distributed. And yet the power brick
looks the exact same maybe? Maybe not, I’ll be right
back, real quick, one second. Yep, they’re the same. (laughing) Yeah, completely, double-checking here, other than maybe some fine print from production line, it’s the same thing. Does that cable look longer though? That’s just me hoping for a
slightly longer power cable. Nope they’re the same,
yeah, exact same charger. Okay, so, we’re gettin’ the same charger. I’m not being like super
in-depth right now, ’cause I’m really just
trying this hands on. I will say one thing I
was a little worried about when I first saw some of
the design changes on this. They moved the speakers to the bottom and part of me was worried
that was gonna impact how it would sound. I’m definitely gonna do a more in-depth side-by-side comparison with my regular Switch,
but it works so far. Something that you can see
that there’s a difference is that this does not have a kickstand like the regular Switch, but in its place, we still have the SD card
slot with its own little door. And it’s the same style
as the game card slot where it just kinda pops out a little bit. It’s got that little plasticy
hinge so it bends out. Oh it’s actually the vent
fans are really different too. So on the regular Switch,
something that became a little bit of a problem,
especially with the first-run Switches, ’cause they
got really, really hot, is you see the vent
right here for the fan? Over time as the Switch gets
hot over and over again, some of the plastic can
start to warp a little bit. And these teeth in particular were something that
could snap and break off. In fact, my original launched
Switch doesn’t have anything. Like that whole grill is just gone. I mean, the underneath part’s there, but the plastic ends here, gone. Whereas with the Switch Lite,
you can see that they added more of them, made it a little wider, but also made it a lot thicker. So as a result, that
plastic’s gonna probably last a lot longer, plus not
actually being able to dock it is going to heavily reduce
how much heat it generates. So the ABXYs are actually different. It’s considerably less clicky. They’re a softer button
on the Switch Lite versus, I mean you can even hear this probably if I put this right up here. (clicking) Yeah, definitely a difference. Like this has a very clear click point, whereas this is a little
more of an older school button style, which I
kinda like, actually. Yeah, same deal. Shoulders on these are,
they’re a little clickier than the ABXYs on the
Lite, but still not as much as on the regular Joy-Con. The R and L feel the same,
ZR, ZL feel different. Sticks feel very similar at first glance. I’m gonna test that a lot more, but right now they feel like
the same kind of resistance. Same stick height right? Yeah, feels very similar. And then of course, the
big update that people do, who are really excited
forward to seeing on the Lite that the regular Switch doesn’t have is an actual official D-pad from Nintendo. So I don’t really have a
D-pad to compare that to. I can say right now it
is nothing like using the four buttons on the left though. Not nearly as clicky
and gives you the nice little satisfying D-pad
rolling effect you can do. Hey guys, you’re use to seeing
us do ads every now and then, well this time it’s time to do
an ad for myself, ourselves. This is the first shirt
design we’re selling on our YouTube channel, it’s a design that we had commissioned
by Digital Addict. It is a super awesome design. Check out his other work and the shirt that we have listed down below. If you love it and you wanna grab it, make sure to use this
coupon code right here to get 15% off your order today. So, these are all just reactions to things that I’m seeing right out of the box. I mean, just feeling the
buttons, looking at the screen. I haven’t done anything super
in-depth yet, obviously. So there’s a lot more
I’m gonna need to do. More games I wanna try on
it, see what games might actually be a little better on the Lite, what ones might be a little worse. What’s gonna work with the smaller screen or lack of ability to remove Joy-Cons, all that kinda good stuff. If there’s anything specific
that you guys wanna know, make sure to let us know in
the comments of this video so we can make sure
that we check everything people wanna learn about this system and see how it compares
to a regular Switch. I’m also gonna make sure to
test out a lot of accessories that have already been made
for the regular Switch, so if you have one and
you’re thinking of upgrading to the Lite, I can hopefully
help answer some worries about what do you already have that will still work with the new one. I also got a couple different Switch Lite specific accessories
sent out a little early. Different cases, grips,
that kind of thing. So we’ll see how those
work for the Lite as well. And most importantly at
all, for me at least, I really wanna see what it’s gonna be like juggling having my account on both this Switch Lite and my regular Switch.

I’m really curious how much I’m gonna enjoy the idea of using this on the go, while having my regular Switch just permanently docked. That might work, I don’t know, we’ll find out. I’ll let you guys know soon.


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SkyBell Video Doorbell [WiFi] Review Install Unboxing



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SkyBell Video Doorbell Review Install 

[affiliate_video_pro id=”vi15dd97ae175ee3″]

SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell has a high-definition camera so you can keep tabs on expected and unexpected visitors from your phone, even when you’re not at home. It also has a full-color night vision and a motion sensor and will record video to your cloud account as soon as the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected.


I got this product that I’m, pretty excited about it’s called Skybell Video Doorbell and it started on one of those independent crowdfunding websites. I believe it was same thing as Kickstarter, where the crowd funds, your idea, once they have the funding, then they’ll, go ahead and build the product for mass production and send it out and everything and what skybell is, it replaces your Existing doorbell and thanks to the power from your doorbell and the Wi-Fi, what happens is somebody rings your doorbell.

It sends you a notification on your smart phone and then from the notification. You can open the app and then you can now see whoever’s at your doorbell and speak to them. So they can only hear you, but you can see and speak to them.

So it’s great. You know um, a problem that I have is sometimes I don’t always hear the doorbell. My bedroom is on one end of the house and all the way on the other end is the doorbell, so somebody will ring in there’s times, where my friends have literally text me or called me to.

Let me know that they were outside, but even if somebody comes to your house and you’re, not home, it’s great, you can answer, and people won’t know if you’re inside your house Or not so it’s, a great idea and they have a picture over right here.

Installation looks simple one thing I will say about the company: you can order it from here. Although I wouldn’t, their customer service is terrible and just the I don’t know. I’ve, been reading a lot of more cons than pros, if you will, but I’m, still excited about it.

Um, this was actually given to me as a birthday gift by my girlfriend, who knows me better than anybody, because this is something I would have bought anyways. So, despite some of the negative feedback that I’ve seen, I’m, still going to go ahead and give it a try.

She ordered this on the on January 29th 2014 to try to have it by my birthday in February. Literally one month went by, there was no tracking number no eating no uh shipping updates. We’ve, even emailed the company asking them.

When was it going to ship got no reply on March first, I had her cancel her order. Indiegogo finally, or excuse me sky bail. Finally, I’m refunded her money after like a day or so right after that, I went to Amazon.

Amazon had it, which is weird how the company itself wouldn’t, have it, but Amazon had it. Anyways Amazon had it order. Next day, shipping became the next day from what I think is. Amazon is so powerful that if they don & # 39, t supply Amazon with their whatever amount that they have Amazon will probably cut them, and that would be damaging and really devastating to their business.

So it’s like they’d. Rather, keep you on hold but supply the larger, bigger, more known, Amazon, and I think that’s. Why you can order from Amazon and get it the next day instead of going directly to the website? And you email them about you and they won’t even tell you there’s been firmware, updates this and that that they’re telling people I mean there’s, literally people that have been waiting two Or three months that have ordered that still haven’t gotten their product, but anyways.

I’m, going to go downstairs in front of the door or down to my doorbell and install this, and we’ll, see how it goes. It looks pretty straightforward. Just replace the wires, then put it in sync, or you know, take off your existing doorbell.

Put this one in attach the wires put it on there. Put it in sync mode, I believe, and they download the app create an account, but we’ll. Go through it, so I’m gonna go downstairs and we & # 39. Ll see how it goes, but I love the idea this.

I just really hope it works, but awesome gift, awesome, birthday gift, and here you go pretty cool. Alright – and here you go it’s, a the outside is a brushed aluminum and it won’t corrode or rust according to them, which is actually cool, the doorbell lights up that circle lights up green and then I believe that’s, the camera, which you can pivot up down, left right that way, because you’re generally, your doorbell sits lower than a person tight.

So your angles angle, the camera up that way its face towards the people and there you go. Okay, let’s. Take this out of the box and see we’ll begin. Also, remember is probably better to order from Amazon, because the return policy is awesome.

You know your shipper right back. You won’t. Have any issues it looks like there’s, a skybell activation code that you & # 39. Ll probably need to do when you register the device, okay, sort of a belt it Casey here is the actual Skybell Video Doorbell unit itself, and here’s.

What it looks like on the back and some brushed aluminum strip kind of weird all right, and then it looks like some mounting school screws like anchors you put in, and then these, but I’m just going to take off the existing ones that I have and just use those in place on my outside doorbell your mounting screws and hardware, and then these are your clamps that they want you to attach the wires to on the inside.

So your wire, your white, will go to the white inside your house and the red. Well, actually, they have two lights because I believe it’s interchangeable, so it doesn’t, even matter which white one you could, which wire goes to.

What when you take off the existing doorbell if your mounting bracket – and then here is your excuse me, which is your mounting tool screws? And then this is your mounting bracket that will go in there.

So it’s up level line. Okay, pretty straightforward! All right see if this is okay to download the latest version of the instruction manual and view additional resources for installing syncing and using your skybell account visit skybell comm forward slash support.

Alright, let’s go downstairs. Okay. Now I’m on the outside of my house here, and the first thing you should do is go to your circuit breaker and turn off the power to your to your doorbell. But I didn’t just because I think I’ll, be ok, it’s only low-voltage, but I will tell you that you should don’t be like me, and you should turn off the power.

Alright and unscrew this now it looks like on the back of my doorbell. Both my wires are blue, but no matter according to Sky bail, it doesn’t matter, which wire goes to which so this is where you know like.

I said you should go to your circuit breaker and cut off the power to your doorbell and everything I’m not going to because it’s. Low voltage, I’m, really not worried, but once I unscrew and take off one, I am gonna put some tape electrical tape over it.

Just while I undo the other one ok, so I removed my existing doorbell just with the screwdriver. No pyro told me in here the two lines coming out. I’ve, already put on my clamps on my new on my new Skybell Video Doorbell.

SkyBell Video Doorbell

SkyBell Video Doorbell

They come with some, but I had these already in my garage. I left the other ones upstairs, but these will do fine and then that way you can connect the wires on this and and go ahead and they’ll, be good to go.

That’s, how you connect the wires and it & # 39. Ll still keep them insulated, which is actually pretty good. You stay there so remember to feed the wires through the middle and mount your plate. First then go ahead and connect it to your new sky belt.

So here now on this plate on this mounting bracket, it says up-down left-right level, so you want to get that straight. That way, your doorbell looks nice and neat. When you go ahead and install it all right, so I’m, going to use the existing screw.

That was already in my doorbell, not the ones that skybell came with. So I’ll, do the top and the bottom and then be good to go. Okay, now that my bracket is mounted, I’m, going to go ahead and connect the existing power coming out to my new sky door.

Cam and again it will go inside these clamps in the inside of these clamps. It’s metal so once they get in there and touch and you’ll have power. Okay, okay! I’m, going to slide that in there and then do that on both ends.

Okay, so I got it installed, mounted ready to go the flashing light. I believe it said it’s, going to take a couple minutes for the battery to charge. Then that should go a solid red. So I’m, going to go ahead and let the battery charge and then come back and finish the installation there’s, the camera on top and the doorbell on bottom, okay, so it was taken forever to finally sync up.

Finally, it did then, on the inside of my house, where my doorbell boxes, there was a buzzing noise, it was like, and I’d ring the doorbell here. Nothing was working, nothing was working on my iPhone and finally, I read online that you have to wait.

I don’t, know like a couple hours or excuse me and said: wait five minutes and then the buzzing noise will go to wait, go away due to firmware update. So just to let you know it was probably four or five hours because ring my doorbell right here.

Well, there’s, an audible alert, see, and then it goes on my phone. So I’ll hit it, and then that’s me and it works and the best thing about it is you can see in here. Then you hold this down to talk to the person, hello, hello and it works.

No. There’s, no way to adjust the volume there, but, as you can see it does work it takes forever to get it to finally work, but once you do get it working it actually, you know. Even if I am home, I tend to talk to people and answer on the Skybell Video Doorbell.

If it’s, somebody soliciting you to buy something or whatever it’s. Great you don’t even have to get up. You can just look at your phone or iPad, something that I do enjoy is nowadays. If somebody’s going to break into your home, while kids are at school and you’re at work with the robbers do as they end up.

Knocking or ringing the doorbell, but I’m, going to get a sign that says on my door. Please ring doorbell that way. Everybody will ring the doorbell, but anyways the would-be criminals will come ring the doorbell you answer and you can talk as if your home, they don’t know if you’re home or not, and that’s.

The beauty of it, everybody that’s, spoken to me on this things at home. So in closing what skybell, I would say it’s, a great gift. I love it um, but if you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, I want to put this disclaimer out there.

The their website is terrible, their customer service is non-responsive and, and they offer nothing. I remember I emailed them to ask them when the item was coming and they told me that they didn’t even know so that was before Mike friend had canceled and we went ahead and finally got a refund and then ordered through Amazon and Got it shipping within 24 hours? I had it overnighted, but anyways.

The customer service is terrible. The website is terrible. The device doesn’t work and ready to go right out of the box, be prepared to sit with it and and to dig in you know. I would say before I had it working perfectly.

It probably took two weeks and that’s, because I had the time and patience. So if you’re buying this as a gift for somebody or for yourself and you’re, expecting to just connect the two wires from your doorbell mount it and you’re good to go.

It’s. It’s, not that way it’s, difficult to get them, synching your phone and the device talking to each other, and then it takes firmware updates and when it’s offline or taking updates you don’T even know it doesn’t tell you on your phone, so you know it took a while for them to connect and then even once I did get it going.

I hit the doorbell button. Then I checked my phone and I was getting audio and no video or no video at all, and I found out that that’s, a setting with the firewall and earlier in the video I misspoke, I said check your routers firmware.

Excuse me: it wasn’t that it’s, check your routers firewall settings. So a quick way to check. If you’ve bought, it got it mounted and you hit the doorbell and you’re, not getting audio or video. What you do is go to the settings on your router and disable the firewall just to check and then try to ring the doorbell that should fix the problem right there.

Now. Obviously you don’t want to leave your firewall down, so you have to tweak with some of your settings but anyways once I disabled the firewall. It took two or three days for skybell just to acknowledge that change in my router, because a couple of days went by and then it started working.

So even if you change the setting on your firewall, it’s, not going to work right away. So if you’re going to buy this buy from Amazon, where you know they at least have 30-day return policy be prepared to dig in and take your time in page with it.

I’m, not just going to tell you to run outing like I wouldn’t feel comfortable buying this for a gift for like my parents, who would benefit from it, but they’re, not going to be able to Go through all this to set it up, it should work right out of the box thing.

Is it just doesn’t, but they? What skybell needs to do is sell it to a larger company and let them refine it like. They need to sell it to nest the same people that make my thermostat you know, but with that being said, it’s, a great gift.

I love it because I got it to work, but I don’t think your average consumer would be able to just come home and deal with it and hook it up but uh. So in closing I love it. If you have the time and patience your tech head and you’re willing to dig through it and get it and sit with it, then yeah go ahead.

Try it! If you, if that’s, something you definitely want it’s, a great idea when it worked mine works. Oh it’s, phenomenal it’s. Nice to be, you know, a 150 miles away, and then I get a notification. Then I see somebody’s at my door.

I could tell the FedEx or UPS delivery guy where to leave the package. I can even open my garage from my phone, but that’s, a separate device but um yeah. So that’s. What I have to say so it’s $ 1.99 on Amazon, and you could look at the reviews on Amazon.

They’re atrocious. I mean you know: do your due diligence before you buy anything, but this is me speaking personally to you. If you have the time in patience, then yeah go ahead, but yeah that’s it and that is the awesome Skybell Video Doorbell.



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OshenWatch – Amazing New Smartwatch for 2021



Check out why this OshenWatch smartwatch is going viral quickly in the and selling out everywhere…

For a while now, big tech companies have been ripping customers off by setting outrageous prices on new gadgets.

However, one startup found a way around this and it is catching the tech experts by surprise.

OshenWatch, is a new startup company that can offer this innovative smartwatch at an affordable cost without losing its high quality and features.


What Is OshenWatch?

The Oshenwatch began with a small group of people that shared one vision: to make smartwatches in the market affordable for everyone.

The team reversed engineered other smartwatches in the market and began making improvements all while keeping the cost low.

It’s built with a harden aluminium shell and tempered touchscreen glass, making this nearly indestructible all while maintaining an innovative look and comfort.

I would say this is even better than some of the luxurious smartwatches I own from other big tech companies.

The OshenWatch is not just any smartwatch. Yes, it has all the basic features such as taking phone calls, counting steps, monitoring sleeping patterns, message alerts, etc.

But what makes this stand out from other competitors is that it could potentially save your life… And what is that worth to you?


What Makes The OshenWatch So Popular?

This innovative green laser is the secret.

It can measure your blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen level (SpO2), calculate your beats per minute (BPM). All in real-time.


What else can the OshenWatch do?

More than you might suspect!  The Oshenwatch is packed with lots of useful and potentially lifesaving functions and benefits:

Step counter -Set goals, hit them and lose weight fast

Calorie Monitoring -Incredibly useful if you are trying to lose, maintain or even gain weight

Large Color 1.3″ Display -HD clear, easy-to-read display, oversized for easy touch control

Sleep Monitoring – Measures the physiological signals of your body, understand your lifestyle

Alarm Reminder -You’ll never forget your anniversary—or your dentist appointment again

Incoming calls and notifications -Keep your phone safe in your pocket and use your watch to answer calls.

Long Standby -Long life battery, super-efficient, less annoying recharges

Sedentary Warning -Tells you when to sit less and move more

Great Styling -Premium looking smartwatch.

Anti-lost -Call your lost phone from your OshenWatch watch to find it fast

Take a photo -Use your OshenWatch watch to take a photo on your smartphone

Sync to both iPhone and Android -Supports IOS and Andriod

State-of-the-art Fitness tracking -Record your workouts and get fit

Control your music -The easiest way to change track and volume

And there is even more!


You get all the features of a high quality smartwatch WITH the innovative health features.

The OshenWatch is a great looking watch while feeling like having a personal trainer, assistant and life insurance policy, on your wrist!

One thing is for certain, once you try the OshenWatch you’ll never want to go back to life without it!


What Do Others Think?

“I looked at smartwatches from all the other big brands. They seemed good, but I just couldn’t afford them. Decided to go for this after a friend recommended it. No regrets. Very easy-to-use. Fitness apps seem very accurate. The blood pressure function is great. Spot on. “ – Jonathan W.


“I have always worn a watch, but I am getting fit this year and wanted all the health and fitness monitoring stuff a smartwatch does. I can’t stand the look of normal smartwatches. This OshenWatch was slightly cheaper, looks 100x better than others and seemed to do all the same stuff, plus the heart monitoring alarms. What can i say? it works perfectly and looks amazing. What a crazy bargain at under 200” – Cody P.


“Came in just over a week. The OshenWatch is brilliant. Very comfortable, excellent workmanship and also looks good! I go swimming every day and it still works perfectly! The price amazed me – OshenWatch must be the bargain of the century.” – Samantha D.


How Much Does OshenWatch Cost?

If you look at the features of the OshenWatch it wouldn’t be surprising to see a price tag of up to $500. Which would still be lower than most of its competitors (some cost over $1,000).

That’s why we were stunned to learn the company sells this watch for just $49 (thanks to a 50% promo ending soon). That’s a small price to pay, for a 24/7 heart rate monitor device!

Click here to claim a discounted OshenWatch (if it’s still available) >>


How Can They Charge So Little?

Since OshenWatch is a direct-to-consumer brand, they spend no money on advertising.

They also only sell online so they can cut out any middle-men (like retailers) who just jack up the prices the consumer pays.

When you buy from a big brand, you aren’t only paying for the product, you are paying for all the enormous costs they have as a company.

You’re helping to pay their rent, their CEO’s salary, their advertising cost, etc.


Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

It’s a very common business tactic these days. They give a certain amount of customers a huge discount, to try and get a lot of positive reviews and free social media attention!

The good news for you is, we have the links to their best promotions right here!

Be aware they will go back to full price once it goes viral and demand grows, so order fast!

Click here to claim a discounted OshenWatch (if it’s still available) >>


Should I Buy Now Or Wait?

The time to buy the OshenWatch is now, this discount won’t last long and it’s selling like crazy.

Having more features and better build quality than watches that cost up to 10x more, it’s a no brainer for anyone thinking about getting a smartwatch.

It also makes an amazing present from family, friends, or coworkers. They’ll think you spent a ton of money on them.

If you have never owned a smartwatch – the OshenWatch is the perfect first time model.


How Do I Get A Real OshenWatch?

Get your OshenWatch from the official website here.


As of * – Ever since the OshenWatch was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first time buyer 50% discount.

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