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Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing



Nintendo Switch Lite

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Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing

As many of you have probably heard, the Nintendo Switch Lite has been seeing some early releases across the world and we just so happen to get lucky enough to get our hands on one of them. So we’re gonna go ahead and unbox the turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite.

Now as you can see here, the box is a good bit smaller than the regular Nintendo Switch box. Normally you can’t hold one of those in a single hand. A large part of that isn’t so much that the Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller, but because it has a lot less parts. The regular Switch box has to have the dock, the controller bits, there’s a lot more going on, whereas the Switch Lite is Lite.

So there’s a little less presentation on this one I think, compared to the regular Switch. The regular Switch has just kind of slots and placement for everything, whereas this is right off the bat.

The Switch Lite, let’s go ahead and grab that. And then real quick, before we go into the in-depths of that, beneath it we do have everything else this comes with including the AC adapter and paperwork, which we’re not gonna deal with that right now. And here we have it. Okay, so I gotta say right off the bat, I know we should probably talk about the actual Switch itself real quick, but first, the color ’cause the turquoise actually looks quite a bit different from what I anticipated. It’s still definitely
turquoise, but it shifts a little more green than I expected.

It’s still definitely more so blue, but there’s just a little bit more of a green to it that works really well with the white trim. The white buttons, the white sticks, the shoulders. Looks really nice! Especially ’cause it matches that logo on the back.

Oh wow, this is somehow simultaneously bigger and smaller than I imagined, if that makes sense. Like just actually having it in my hand and how much I’ve been playing my Switch lately, this feels smaller for sure, but the screen doesn’t look quite as tiny as I expected it too. I mean, it is definitely not the same size as a regular Switch, and actually, I have my new Switch right here.


So let’s go ahead and kind of grab that real quick. So when you see them
side-by-side like this, you can definitely see the difference. I mean, it is smaller all around, but I really like the fact
that it is just one solid unit. This is kind of a weird
very specific complaint, but when I’ve used the regular Switch in a handheld mode without any kind of grip or any kind of special
casing or anything like that, I never really liked the feeling of where the Joy-Cons attach. You just have that line
there that always felt a little weird to me and I
understand why it’s there. It makes sense, it’s still all for good, but having one unit that’s
just a single piece, you can just feel the
difference right away. Especially with just how
solid the whole thing feels. The weight’s way more evenly distributed. And yet the power brick
looks the exact same maybe? Maybe not, I’ll be right
back, real quick, one second. Yep, they’re the same. (laughing) Yeah, completely, double-checking here, other than maybe some fine print from production line, it’s the same thing. Does that cable look longer though? That’s just me hoping for a
slightly longer power cable. Nope they’re the same,
yeah, exact same charger. Okay, so, we’re gettin’ the same charger. I’m not being like super
in-depth right now, ’cause I’m really just
trying this hands on. I will say one thing I
was a little worried about when I first saw some of
the design changes on this. They moved the speakers to the bottom and part of me was worried
that was gonna impact how it would sound. I’m definitely gonna do a more in-depth side-by-side comparison with my regular Switch,
but it works so far. Something that you can see
that there’s a difference is that this does not have a kickstand like the regular Switch, but in its place, we still have the SD card
slot with its own little door. And it’s the same style
as the game card slot where it just kinda pops out a little bit. It’s got that little plasticy
hinge so it bends out. Oh it’s actually the vent
fans are really different too. So on the regular Switch,
something that became a little bit of a problem,
especially with the first-run Switches, ’cause they
got really, really hot, is you see the vent
right here for the fan? Over time as the Switch gets
hot over and over again, some of the plastic can
start to warp a little bit. And these teeth in particular were something that
could snap and break off. In fact, my original launched
Switch doesn’t have anything. Like that whole grill is just gone. I mean, the underneath part’s there, but the plastic ends here, gone. Whereas with the Switch Lite,
you can see that they added more of them, made it a little wider, but also made it a lot thicker. So as a result, that
plastic’s gonna probably last a lot longer, plus not
actually being able to dock it is going to heavily reduce
how much heat it generates. So the ABXYs are actually different. It’s considerably less clicky. They’re a softer button
on the Switch Lite versus, I mean you can even hear this probably if I put this right up here. (clicking) Yeah, definitely a difference. Like this has a very clear click point, whereas this is a little
more of an older school button style, which I
kinda like, actually. Yeah, same deal. Shoulders on these are,
they’re a little clickier than the ABXYs on the
Lite, but still not as much as on the regular Joy-Con. The R and L feel the same,
ZR, ZL feel different. Sticks feel very similar at first glance. I’m gonna test that a lot more, but right now they feel like
the same kind of resistance. Same stick height right? Yeah, feels very similar. And then of course, the
big update that people do, who are really excited
forward to seeing on the Lite that the regular Switch doesn’t have is an actual official D-pad from Nintendo. So I don’t really have a
D-pad to compare that to. I can say right now it
is nothing like using the four buttons on the left though. Not nearly as clicky
and gives you the nice little satisfying D-pad
rolling effect you can do. Hey guys, you’re use to seeing
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coupon code right here to get 15% off your order today. So, these are all just reactions to things that I’m seeing right out of the box. I mean, just feeling the
buttons, looking at the screen. I haven’t done anything super
in-depth yet, obviously. So there’s a lot more
I’m gonna need to do. More games I wanna try on
it, see what games might actually be a little better on the Lite, what ones might be a little worse. What’s gonna work with the smaller screen or lack of ability to remove Joy-Cons, all that kinda good stuff. If there’s anything specific
that you guys wanna know, make sure to let us know in
the comments of this video so we can make sure
that we check everything people wanna learn about this system and see how it compares
to a regular Switch. I’m also gonna make sure to
test out a lot of accessories that have already been made
for the regular Switch, so if you have one and
you’re thinking of upgrading to the Lite, I can hopefully
help answer some worries about what do you already have that will still work with the new one. I also got a couple different Switch Lite specific accessories
sent out a little early. Different cases, grips,
that kind of thing. So we’ll see how those
work for the Lite as well. And most importantly at
all, for me at least, I really wanna see what it’s gonna be like juggling having my account on both this Switch Lite and my regular Switch.

I’m really curious how much I’m gonna enjoy the idea of using this on the go, while having my regular Switch just permanently docked. That might work, I don’t know, we’ll find out. I’ll let you guys know soon.


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